Protect Yourself From Fraud

The best defense against fraud begins with you.

Being vigilant and paying attention to your valuable account information is critical to protecting yourself and your financial future.   

Protection of your personal information, knowing who you are dealing with at all times and making sure your systems are set up properly and updated are key components of ensuring your security. 

Centrue Bank has systems in place to protect your account information and provides tool in the form of products and services designed for your active monitoring of account information.  In addition, taking the time to review topics such as Online Security, Identity Theft, Mobile Security, Common Types of Fraud and how to Recognize Fraud will provide you insight in proper protection of your personal information. 

Our Security Center is designed to help you be aware of how we're working hard to keep your personal and financial information safe, and to help you know what to consider suspicious activity to ensure you don't get caught in a scam.